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Requirements such as – portability, ease of transportation, easy to set up, large circular dance area with no corners or sharp edges, static and spinning functions, multi piece pole tube, hi-stability for use without weight for anything but extreme moves and the most important of all, value for money – have all been met with X-Stage. Supplied with everything needed X-Stage assembly takes only a few minutes and is simplicity itself. Remove from the carry cases, expand the main frame, lock the stage floor sections in place, insert the main pole, tighten retaining screw, add the extension pole, tighten the screw and your ready to dance – it really is that quick and simple...... So, less than 5 minutes from arrival to dancing and even better, the only tool you need is a hex key and that’s supplied! Price: $799.99 Shipping: $150.00 Delivery is 3-7 business days depending on the state you live in. All orders ship from California via Fed-Ex .

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