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Seduction Dance Studio

Come Discover Your Sexy Side!

New Location: Coming Soon

Web Store/ Schedules

Web Store/ Schedules

Package: Trap Step:


Mondays only 7pm-8pm  starting 12/16 

Trap Step is our first unisex class!! Trap step is a high intensity aerobics class that focuses on keeping the heart rate high and burning calories. Our instructor teaches step combinations to the lastest Rap music (also know as trap music). He will also incorporate a segment that focuses ab and arms. Steppers are provided for each students once all steppers have been reserved the class will be officially sold out. This class is meant to sweat off the extra quarantine weight. We look forward to seeing you in this new excting class

Package: 4 classes

Class Cancellations : You are only allowed to miss up to 1 class within the four week time spand. if you miss more then 1 the other clsses will not rollover. there must be a 24hour cancellation notice, A no call no show counts as a class used within your package.

Please included name number & start dates

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