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Seduction Dance Studio

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Seduction Dance Instructors

  Lydia Parker  


Lydia Parker pole dance instructor at Seduction Dance Studio has been teaching pole dancing for 5 years. She has also taught  pole dancing at a college as a credited course to female student. Lydia also has a strong passion for pole dancing and is always coming up with new and fun pole moves for her students. She enjoys teaching, and takes the time to educate her clients on everything they need to know about pole dancing.   

Harley is a New Jersey native residing in Delaware with a passion for the arts. Her dance background includes a seven-year stint with Garden State ballet performing The Nutcracker On Pointe. Harley has been in aerial artistry for two years under the instruction of several dance studios in the PA/DE area. She often takes the opportunity to travel around the country and dance at other pole dancing studios whenever possible. She enjoys not only learning pole dancing but conditioning in pole to get better. Her Style is based around traditional pole, choreography, and twerk music. Every time she touches the pole she looks to push the envelope and become a better instructor.