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Seduction Dance Studio

Come Discover Your Sexy Side!

Flirty Dance Classes

     Sassy Sexy N Heels Dance

This dance class will be a uptempo fun fast moving class while keeping the movements sexy and fierce. It will be a high powered class with strong sharp poses. The instructor will also focus on flexibility. The class is prefect for a great cardio workout.

This Fierce Energetic Dance class will be a uplifting confident building class. If you are the person that enjoys dancing in a club or maybe the mirror this is the class for you.

Dance routine will switch every months    



 Seduction Chair Dance 

 The chair dance will get in touch with your sensual seductive side. Focusing on slow and controlled        movements while feeling sexy. The chair may sometimes be used as a prop or a focus point.

 Floor work will also be implemented in the class. This  class will work on flexibly and the art of seducing. The   class is prefect for dancing for a significant other or just wanting to feel sexy.   

                  * Dance routine will switch every month