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Seduction Dance Studio

Come Discover Your Sexy Side!

Pole Party Prices

Pole Parties are a great way to experience the art of pole dancing with your girlfriends. Pole parties are perfect for bachelorette parties, birthdays parties, and girls night out. Here at Seduction Dance Studio we also offer the service of having your party cater with cupcakes and other sweet decadence from the renown company The best in Philadelphia and surrounding ares.

 Party Prices 

2 Hour Party (maximum of 10 girls): $275.00

3 Hour Party (maximum of 10 girls): $350.00

Down payment: $100.00 to lock in day and time (Received a week before the event) 

* Any party over 10 girls will be $20.00 per person.

* Down Payment transactions must be made at the studio or via email. 


Standard Seduction Kool Cupcakes Dessert Prices:(Optional)

All orders can be delivered and setup for you and your guest. We make it convenient for you to enjoy your party!  


 Cocktail Cupcakes $40.00

These cupcakes are for the grown and sexy!! Baked inside of a cocktail glass by the dozen you?ll get the best of both worlds. This is a sweet indulgence that you and your guest won?t be able to resist. Cupcakes that are baked and topped with just enough of the perfect cocktail blend to keep you and your guest dancing and smiling all night.

Pick your Flavor:  


  •  Pina Colada ? Coconut cake, pineapple cream, coconut rum butter cream, topped with fresh pineapple and        cherries
  • Chocolate Grand Marnier ? Chocolate cake, Grand Marnier infused ganache, orange flavored Grand Marnier buttercream, and candied oranges 
  • Strawberry Daiquiri ? Strawberry cake, fresh rum infused strawberries, strawberry rum buttercream, topped w/fresh strawberries
 Specialty Cupcakes: $20.00


These Specialty cupcakes have four different levels of delicious!! A cake, filling, icing, and garnish. They will be baked fresh and waiting at the studio for you and your guest to enjoy. They are made by the dozen and come in a variety of flavors.

Pick your Flavor:  


  • Pink Lemonade ? Lemon cake, lemon curd filling, pink lemonade icing, topped w/ edible pearls
  • Chocolate Raspberry ? Chocolate cake, raspberry filling, raspberry buttercream, topped w/raspberry candy
  • Caramel Latte ?caramel sauce French vanilla cake, caramel filling, vanilla bean coffee buttercream, topped w/homemade and wafer cookie straw
  • Chocolate Bliss ? Chocolate cake, chocolate ganache filling, chocolate buttercream, topped with milk chocolate candy
 Tasty Cakes: $15.00
These delicious cupcakes are made by the dozen and will be baked fresh and waiting at the studio for you and your guest to enjoy.  Choose from the flavors below and leave the rest to us.



Pick your Flavor:
  • Vanilla cake w/vanilla or chocolate butter cream
  • Chocolate cake w/vanilla or chocolate buttercream
  • Lemon cake w/lemon buttercream
  • Almond cake w/almond or vanilla buttercream
*All Standard orders can be placed when booking your pole party.
*For any questions on our delicious deserts or to customized packages, cakes, fruit trays and more? 
 Feel free to contact Kool Cakes at 267-974-4466 or 
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