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Seduction Dance Studio

Come Discover Your Sexy Side!

Pole Party Prices

Seduction Dance Studio Pole Parties are a great way to experience the art of pole dancing with your girlfriends. Pole parties are perfect for bachelorette parties, birthdays parties, and girls night out. Here at Seduction Dance Studio our pole parties consist of a pole routine, twerk session, a sexy heels routine, and a pole game. Your guest will enjoy our pole party room known as the "Pole Grotto". The beautiful ambience of the room will set the mood for a party like atmosphere (setup a tour to check out our facility). We will make sure your guest have a great time and leave with fun memories. 

Pole Party Prices:

2 Hour Party (maximum of 10 girls): $300

3 Hour Party (maximum of 10 girls): $375 

Down payment: $100 (nonrefundable) the remaining balance is paid the night of the event. if for whatever reason your party gets canceled the customer can either reschedule the event or use the $100 credit toward any of Seduction Dance Studio classes.  

  * Date and time must received a week before the event. 

 * Any party over 10 girls will be $20.00 per person added to the original price.

To setup a viewing contact Lydia: 610-202-3366

* Down Payment transactions must be made at the studio, PayPal Invoice, cash app, or via the website after dates and times been confirmed .