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Seduction Dance Studio

Come Discover Your Sexy Side!

 Pole Classes

At Seduction Dance Studio all classes are small and intimate. Each person has her own pole and receives personal training from the instructor. Classes are divided based on skill level of the students (beginners are in a class with other beginner students, intermediate are in class with other intermediates etc.). We provide superior customer service.    

SPECIAL OFFER: To all my monthly paying intermediate/advance students, practice /recreation sessions will now be offered on Saturdays or Sundays for no additional charge. YES! PRACTICE/ RECREATION SESSIONS ARE NOW FREE for a limited time.

 Pole Classes

Our studio offers beginners, intermediate, and advanced classes. We also offer practice/ recreation sessions that allows our students to maintain their pole dancing skills. 

Single Classes: 25.00 per class.                      

Save Money--Purchase online 25.00

5 Classes (one class a week): 90.00 Mo.

Purchase online 90.00

Practice/ Recreation Sessions: Now Free for monthly paying clients only.

25.00 for non-monthly clients.  

Private sessions

one on one with instructor, are available. 

1 Hour Sessions:  100.00

1 1/2 Sessions: 150.00

2 Hour Sessions: 200.00 

* Private Session transactions must be made at the studio or by phone.


NEW Specialty

Pole Twerk Specialty Class

Ms. Harley will focus on booty movements. Her pole students will be taught how to move the booty, "twerk", glute isolations, and building the booty (squats) and leg excises for warm ups. Her classes still train in pole spins, floor-work and strength training. Ms. Harley classes will have a playful "ratchetness" (in terms of the music) but still very sexy with powerful moves.

To purchase classes online and to see a full schedule please visit our (web store)