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10 Classes twice a week over a 5 week spand


Having a pole class once a week isn't enough... We now have a package that allows you to come twice a week over a 5 week time spand. Students must stay in the same fitness level except for the Pole After Dark (which is always on a skilled beginners level flow). 


How To schdule your second class option: Please choose your second class option from the times listed. Once you decide on your second class option please add both start dates and times in the special instruction box when checking out. All classes must be in stock to choose from.


Class Cancellations: You are only allowed to miss up to 2 classes within the five week time spand. if you miss more then 2 classes your packsge will expire. there must be a 24hour cancellation notice, A no call no show counts as a class used within your package.  

Pole Times 2 (10 class package)

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