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SDS Fitness & Dance Classes

 Amina's MeanHeels

This dance class will be all about sexy movements depending on the instructor's creative choreography. It can be a high-powered class with strong sharp poses or slow sensual fierce movements. The instructors will also focus on flexibility. The class is prefect for a great cardio workout.

This sexy dance class will be a uplifting confident booster. If you are the type of person that enjoys dancing in a club, for your partner, or in the mirror this is the class for you.

Trap Step

Trap step is a high intensity aerobics class that focuses on keeping the heart rate high and burning calories. Our instructor Ty teaches step combinations to the latest Rap music (also known as trap music). He will also incorporate a segment that focuses on ab and leges. Steppers are provided for each student once all steppers have been reserved the class will officially be sold out. This class is meant to sweat off the extra quarantine weight we all put on in 2020. We look forward to seeing you in this new exciting class.


Floorwork routine is choreography based all on the floor. Depending on the instructor creative direction this class can be focused on or off the pole. This class will require flexibility but not mandatory. Knee pads are highly recommended. 



Seduction Chair Dance

Coming soon

The chair dance will get in touch with your sensual seductive side. Focusing on slow and controlled movements while feeling sexy. The chair may sometimes be used as a prop or a focus point.

Floor work will also be implemented in the class. This class will work on flexibly and the art of seducing. The class is prefect for dancing for a significant other or just wanting to feel sexy.

Deep Stretching 

Our stretching class focuses on flexibility throughout the entire body with a main focus on regular splits and middle spits. This class will also focus on breathing and loosening up the back and hips while vibing out to slow feel-good music. Deep stretching always improves any type of dancing it allows you to have more fluid movements. 

Twerk Class

We are excited about our twerk cardio class. We have a very talented instructor that will be teaching twerk choreography. This dance class will be all about the booty and keeping the heart rate high while maintaining a good sweat. Students are suggested to wear sneakers, short shorts or leggings. 

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