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Pole Dance Package


HELPFUL TIPS: Classes marked with (*) are specialty beginner class. Har = Ms. Harley "twerk pole" Ind= Ms. India "seductive movement"

*When purchasing a pole dance package or single class make sure to pick a day and time that best fits your schedule. The day and time you choose for your package will be the time you will come each week. If you miss one of your four classes, you are welcome to call or email the studio and join a same level class on another day or just make it up the following week. If you miss four classes in a row your time will be expired. Once your classes are purchased you start on the day, date, and time you entered when checking out. We will need a phone number to call and confirm your appointment or we can send you a reminder text message.


* If you are an intermediate or advance student coming to a practice/ recreation session you must let us know what day and time you would like to come. Remember practice sessions are held only on Saturdays.


*If the class is being purchase as a gift for someone include the word GIFT, the person name and info in the instruction box below.

Please include Name, Starting Date, and Phone Number ( to confirm appointments)

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