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Seduction Dance Studio

Come Discover Your Sexy Side!

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Chair Dance/ Sassy Sexy N Heels Dance 4 Class Package


4 Classes

Come once a week for the month

Choose one class from any of the classes listed

Sassy Sexy N Heels Dance Class -  This dance class will be a uptempo fun fast moving class while keeping the movements sexy and fierce.

Seduction Chair Dance-  Focusing on slow and controlled movements while feeling sexy.

* For a full detail decription of each class please see the Seduction Dance Classes tab. 

* What to wear? High heel shoes are always welcome, shorts, tight/ leggings, sports bra, crop tops, leg warmmers, or any fitted tops. Come to class in clothing that will make you feel sexy.

* Chair dancing and Sassy Sexy N Heels dance classes rotate each month. Please call to find out which Thursday class is being offered 

Classes cant NOT be reschedule  

Please include Name, Starting Date, and Phone Number ( to confirm appointments)

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