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Seduction Dance Studio

Come Discover Your Sexy Side!

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Web Store/ Schedules

Web Store/ Schedules

Mix & Match Classes (10 class package )


10 Classes twice a week over a 5 weeks spand.

Our Mix and Match package allows you to customize your own package to your fitness goal. Students are able to choose 2 types of classes to trake twice a week over the next five weeks. Once you choose your classes you cant not switch out your classes until your package is completed. 

Classes to choose from : Poling After Dark, Cardio Drip, Aminas MeanHeels, Trap Step, and Pole Conditiioning.

How to schedule your class : Choose a class from the listed options, and from the same list write in the special instruction box your second class choice please include start dates and times for both classes.

Class Cancellations : You are only allowed to miss up to 2 classes within the five week time spand. if you miss more then 2 classes your packsge will expire. there must be a 24hour cancellation notice, A no call no show counts as a class used within your package.

Please include your name contact number start dates and times for both classes and for the 2nd class include class name

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